BPS Framed Logo

Framed Logo for Primary Schools

...My own

Here is an image of my own framed memorabilia box.  Sorry the quality and lighting is very bad but I think you get the general idea.

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... Surf Life Saving Frame

The brief was (from teenage boy) "I really want an old beachy looking distressed looking frame".  Think this fits the bill, don't you?

I have had some enquiries to see some of the work on my sidebars in more detail, so here they are.  Just click on images to enlarge.  The top frame was done as a 40th wedding anniversary present and the second as a "surprise" male 60th birthday present.  My client had even kept things (unbeknown to her husband) like his first business card.  He was absolutely thrilled.

Standard Combined Primary and Senior School Frame

A combined primary school and senior school "standard" memory box frame.  The deluxe also includes  more items, calligraphy etc.  Sorry picture quality is poor, next image will be clearer.

Another Example of School Pocket Standard

Here is another example of the "Standard"  School pocket.  Retail price is $375.  If you are looking for a fundraising idea, please email me as if you are a participating school, the school receives 5% of all sales.  It requires very little work on the committees part and makes a great Christmas present.

School Pocket

An example of School Memorabilia Frame  incorporating pocket with badges and "colours". On the right hand side is information including, students name, years entered and left, description of "colours", names of key people ie headmaster, slogan, location etc. 

This is an example of the "standard" School Memorabilia Frame" at a price of $370. 

There is another  personalised version (example will be posted next week). which will be bigger with the addition of memorabilia you want to add eg. certificates (miniaturised), whistle used for umpiring, pens, house or school tie etc.  Prices will vary on this product.

5% of any sales will be donated back to the school as a fund raising initiative.  If you think your school may be interested, please forward my details or email me at sharon.tunbridge@bigpond.com.

All materials used are archival and superior quality.

Retiring Melbourne Grammar Headmaster's Memory Box

Memory Box  commissioned by Friends of Grammar for the retiring Melbourne Grammar Headmaster, Paul Sheahan.  Click on image to enlarge.
The brief was:  A simple, elegant, casual frame to be hung in the casual, dining area of a home who's colour is predominately white and  "Hamptons" in  style with a touch of French provincial.   It was to incorporate a poem taken from the menu of my client's favourite restaurant and a very old key. The rest of the items we found on ebay, auction rooms, and a French inspired shop. Click on image to enlarge.
A 40th birthday gift.  It includes such items as her first baby rattle, her husband's wedding day cufflinks, a Tiffany & Co. keyring given to her for being a bridesmaid.  All items  too precious to be kept in a drawer, unseen by the world, but yearning to be displayed, out of harms way. Click on image to enlarge.

MGS c Scotch Cordner-Eggleston Cup Premiership Jumper

You don't have to have the same contents as this example, however, keep in mind, the dimensions should be between approx 75cm x 110cm to keep the cost at no more than $500.  Anything bigger will be considerably more expensive and also becomes significantly heavier.